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In Memory of Mrs. Vera Penney

In Memory of Mrs. Vera Penney, there is a shadow box displayed at the town office containing the key to the town that she was presented with in 2013 along with her picture and a brief history of her dedication throughout the town. We would also like to announce that the once known “Village Green” will be renamed in memory of her as the “Vera Penney Memorial Park”.

Vera Penney

In May 2010, Vera was nominated by the Town of Centreville-Wareham-Trinity to receive a Newfoundland and Labrador Senior of Distinction Award. Vera’s contribution to the social and cultural pillars of this town had been quite significant. Vera had taught for 34 years before her retirement in 1994 and although she had no family connections in the Town, she continued living here. Before her retirement, she was deeply involved in community life but after her retirement, she became even more active.

Vera respected and admired the service of our veterans and she spear-headed a drive to erect a memorial in our town for them. The result was the creation of the “Village Green” in the centre of town, where everyday people are reminded of the sacrifices made for peace and freedom.

Vera also saw a need to preserve the culture of our area and became instrumental in the creation of the “Resettler’s Museum.” Many hours were devoted to acquiring a building, completing the necessary renovations, seeking financing, collecting and cataloging artifacts and mementos of the past.

With all of her other volunteer activities, Vera also found time after her retirement to devote six years to civic duty in the roles of Councillor and Mayor.

Vera spent time as a member of the local recreation committee, the library board, and chaired a municipal park committee. She was concerned about the well-being of our youth and much of her community involvement had our youth foremost in her mind. She wanted to see the youth involved in activities to enrich them intellectually, socially, and physically. When some youth strayed from expected societal standards, she offered her service to help them and became involved in the “Alternative Measures Program.” Vera became chair of the New-Wes-Valley branch and along with her co-volunteers, handled a number of cases and hopefully, gave those youth a new and better direction to follow.

Vera was a talented musician and after her retirement did not let this talent go to waste. Instead, she became involved in the spiritual realm and began directing the “Men’s Choir” for the Parish of Indian Bay.

Her volunteering offered a pillar of strength in our town and the surrounding area.

In 2013, Mrs. Vera Penney was presented with the first of its kind, a “key” to the Town of Centreville-Wareham-Trinity. Upon her passing in October 2021, she had arranged for that “key” to the town to be returned to the town.

The Town of Centreville-Wareham-Trinity respectfully thanks Mrs. Vera Penney for all of the years of dedicated service to this town and now will name the once known “Village Green” in her memory as the “Vera Penney Memorial Park”.