Community Vandalism

Due to the vandalism that has occurred throughout our community over the past month, we would like to notify residents that the RCMP has been contacted and is handling the situation.

There have been various reports of inappropriate activites and behaviours happening at the Vera Penney Memorial Park. Numerous concerns have also been made in regard to underage children on ATV’s and dirt bikes in the area driving erratically. We would also like to notify parents and all residents that going forward, council will not tolerate this and all activities of this nature will be forwarded to the RCMP. Council is looking for alternative ways to have more cameras and lighting installed in this area.

It is very pleasant to see that the park has been a busy spot for the young and old since the opening. Residents need to be able to feel comfortable and safe while visiting.

As a community, let’s all step up to the plate and help to keep the park clean, free of destruction and have respect for one another while visiting. We are also encouraging parents to please speak to their children in regards to their behaviours and language being used while visiting the park.

Council encourages all residents to also report any acts of vandalism and illegal activity to the local RCMP Detachment at (709) 536-2419.

Take care and stay safe,

Town Council of Centreville-Wareham-Trinity