Fire Department

IMPORTANT: If you need to call our Local Fire Department for an Emergency – dial (709) 678-7777.

When calling the Fire Department Emergency line, please state your emergency (medical or fire), your physical address (eg: 123 Oceanview Road) and a call back number, if possible.

This is very important as we have new members on our Fire Department who do not know where everyone lives when you are just stating your name and could delay the response time.

These details can ultimately help the Fire Department reach you faster.  Thank you for your continued support!

Fire Department Members

Cindy Wicks – Fire Chief
Jessica Aligbe
Peter Aligbe
Joey Brown
Christopher Burton
Andy Cook
Maxwell Fancy
Hedley Green
Eddie Hunt
Julie Hunt
Travis Hunt
Tyson Keats
Cody Kelly
Terry Matthews
Charles Parsons
Deon Parsons
Robert Parsons
Joyce Rogers