Fire Department

IMPORTANT: If you need to call our Local Fire Department for an Emergency – dial (709) 678-7777.

Your call will reach an answering machine.  Leave your name, street address & state your emergency (including whether it’s a medical or fire emergency). All messages left on answering machine get directly sent to all fire fighters through e-Dispatch.

These details help the Fire Department reach you faster.  

Fire Department Members

Cindy Wicks – Fire Chief
Cory Brown
Joey Bown
Christopher Burton
Andy Cook
Maxwell Fancy
Dieter Gibbons
Valerie Glover
Cody Gover
Hedley Green
Calvin Hunt
Eddie Hunt
Julie Hunt
Travis Hunt
Cody Kelly
Terry Matthews
Sandra Murphy
Charles Parsons
Deon Parsons
Robert Parsons
Yolanda Pickett
Joyce Rogers
Morgan Sheppard