Public Notice from Deputy Mayor

As your Deputy Mayor and on behalf of your Councilors, we like for you to take a couple of minutes and read this message on “Illegal Dumping” and the impact it has on you as a taxpayer. Recently, the Town was informed of an incident where illegal dumping of household items, etc. was dumped on Old Jingle Way. Once our office was notified, we reached out to all of you asking for assistance of who might be responsible for this act of no respect for the Community. Unfortunately, no one came forward and nor did the person(s) responsible come forward, leaving us no other choice but having you the tax payer to pay for this behavior. This garbage had to be removed and properly disposed of. The Maintenance Staff was directed to remove this illegal dumping and a fee was associated at the Waste Management Depot.

So as a Tax Payer, you paid for two maintenance workers for several hours, equipment and dumping fees to clean up a mess when this individual could have placed their garbage on the curbside only days before when the Town Clean-Up was happening. Furthermore, our office was just informed that a Moose Carcass was wrapped in a tarp and disposed of on Old Jingle Way. Our Maintenance Team once again on your Tax Payers’ dollars went to remove it and was unable to do so because the carcass was infested with maggots. Throwing Moose pelts, bones, etc. within town boundaries will attract bears & coyotes which in turn will become a safety concern.

This is a very important message we are sending to you. Every time illegal dumping occurs it is you the tax payer who is really paying for the clean up. The Mayor and Councilors are watching your every tax paying dollar and how we can spend it wisely for all of you and when we have to spend your money on someone else’s irresponsible behavior, we are not happy. Moving forward if you witness or observe illegal dumping and you are proud of the community you live in just give your Mayor, Councilor or Town Clerk a call.

With respect,
Deputy Mayor Kirk White