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Black’s Brook Trail On Facebook

Now’s a great time to explore Black’s Brook Trail.  Health experts recommend getting outside and moving for at least 30 minutes every day, if possible.

Don’t forget your camera.  Take lots of photos and share your memories of this iconic time.  Join the new Facebook called Group Black’s Brook Trail today.

Fire & Medical Emergencies

If you need to call our Local Fire Department for an Emergency – Dial 678-7777.

Your call will reach an answering machine. Leave your name, street address & state your emergency (including whether it’s a medical or fire emergency). All messages left on answering machine get directly sent to all fire fighters through e-Dispatch.

These details help the Fire Department reach you faster.

Thanks, local businesses!

The Town Council would like to thank the businesses that have registered and are operating within our communities. We would like to encourage our residents to purchase local and support these businesses whenever possible. Thank you!!

Town Events Calendar

The town of Centreville-Wareham-Trinity invites you to stay tuned to the town events calendar for upcoming special events, town office closures and council meetings. If you have a special event that you’d like the town to consider adding to the town events calendar, please contact the town office.  Go To Town Events Calendar